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Are you a smart traveler?

With Americans traveling more than ever today, both domestically and internationally, it's important to develop smart traveling habits. Whether you are venturing around the world or road-tripping across your home state, traveling smart is a must if you want to get the most out of your vacation without spending more.

Check out the infographic below to see how Americans are already traveling smart.

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Are you a Smart Traveler?

Nine out of 10 Americans consider themselves Smart Travelers…but how savvy are they really?

We asked Americans to give themselves a "Smart Traveler" grade. Out of the respondents, 22% gave themselves an A grade, 63% gave themselves a B grade, and 15% gave themselves a C-F grade.

Smart travelers think they know their stuff, but even informed travelers may not be aware of their credit card fees and benefits. Out of the respondents, 36% don't know if their card has a foreign transaction fee, 27% don't know how many Travel points/miles they have, and 21% don't know if their card has a smart chip.

Some of the top ways Americans are prepring for vacation include 65% provide emergency contact details to friends/family, 41% alert their credit card company, and 14% apply for TSA pre-check.

The American's top travel expenses are lodging (34%), food/beverages (24%), tours and attractions (18%), transportation (14%), and shoping (9%). Millenials are spending most of their vacation money on food/beverage (33%).

The top ways Americans are saving on travel includes pre-planning vacations months in advance, traveling during off-peak seasons, and utilizing websites that offer discounts. Only 38% use credit card points to offset costs.

1,944 respondents surveyed in September 2014 ©: Bank of America Corporation

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